Built around the central sound of Peter's piano and songwriting, Still Unstill creates an immersive world blending meticulously arranged songs with spontaneous improvisation.  They are beginning recording on their first album which will be out in fall 2019.  You can listen to some preview sounds here and follow them for updates here.

As the ripples on the surface of the river mingle and transform the lines and reflections of our world, so Willow Water's music shapeshifts and defies categorization. Dancing lithely between rock and roll, country, old folk, and jazz; bolstered by rich, intricate, and often surprising arrangements and instrumentation, her music exhibits exhaustive precision and delightful variety.  Learn more

Indie-troubadour Gabe Barnett's storied career - a pastiche of modern and nostalgic Americana imagery - finds the heartfelt, poetic narrative of a folksinger seamlessly merged with the cool, swaggering performance of a jazz-crooner and adds enough punkier, experimental twists and tones to keep his sound uniquely his own, accomplishing what so many artists struggle to capture in their creations: timelessness.

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Super new. Super fresh. Fronted by Gabe Keller Flores, bassed by Tim Johnson.

"Jeff Tweedy once described his music as 'bummer folk'. We're in that vein.

other influences: the mountain goats, sufjan stevens, paul simon, pheobe bridgers..."

Peter gets to mess around with synthesizers.

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